The Special Needs Rockin Ship Glider

Sail across the high seas on your next exploring adventure in the Rock’ N Ship Glider. Gentle swaying motion, wheelchair accessible glider. There is ample room for wheelchairs and several more shipmates! The children can let their imagination sail away.




Play is essential to the healthy physical and mental development of a child. Play helps kids exercise creativity and develop imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive and emotional strength. Children learn how to interact, face fears, cultivate confidence and enrich their competencies and resiliency – all through play

The Special Needs Rockin Ship Glider

Will provide the beginning of a new and much needed outdoor activity center for our youngsters with special needs. The Rockin Ship Glider will be constructed in the same area as the existing playground at the community center.

This equipment will benefit all children in Camarillo who visit this park and especially children who have special needs who are unable to use the current equipment in the park.

With the many activities put on at the Community Center this park will also benefit many visitors to Camarillo who attend these events.

 Sponsors Information

Top 9 highest donating Sponsors will have their name, club, business, or organization placed on the permanent sign that will be erected at the entrance of the Rockin Ship Glider.